Thermoforming Equipment

Thermoforming Equipment

Erkodent designs and produces innovative reliable dental thermoforming units using patented rapid vacuum and compressed air techniques. 

With easy to use touch panel operation which includes inbuilt programing for all current Erkodent thermoforming materials, medium wave infra-red heating and patented temperature sensor for accurate determination of the thermoforming temperature regardless of the environment, the Erkoform 3d+ and 3d motion along with the Erkopress motion and ci motion deliver superb thermoforming results. For ease of use the touch panel conveniently displays and signals each of the operating steps when thermoforming, your custom programs are also easily created and stored for other materials or special cases. 

With the addition of the Occluform-3 attachment to the Erkoform 3d+ or 3d Motion it is possible to thermoform and imprint the occlusion at the same time, a great time saver.

All machines come complete with operating instructions, thermoforming technique manual, foil trial package and accessories to begin thermoforming immediately.