• Erkoflex-95 th. 4.00mm (10 pieces)

Fluoride trays, medication trays or resilient, durable, highly comfortable occlusal splints which can be bonded with the ERKOFLEX-95 material in sticks (use the fusing gun) or occlusal splints adjustable by occlusal warming.

Flexible material with high elasticity and dimensional stability. Can be adjusted and bonded with the fusing gun (ERKOFLEX 95-sticks). Does not bond to acrylate. Hardness app. 95 Shore A. Chemical characteristics: EVA: ethyl-vinyl-acetate. Harmless to health, BgVV (Federal Health Office) listed thermoplast with tested biocompatibility. Insouble in water, inactive, harmless to ground water. 

Erkoflex-95 th. 4.00mm (10 pieces)

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