Erkoflex Bleach

Erkoflex Bleach

Field of use:

(see brochure thermoforming technique and material card) Bleaching trays, fluoride trays, medication trays.


Material properties:

Flexible material with high elasticity and dimensional stability. Does not bond to acrylate. Hardness app. 95 Shore A.



(see brochure thermoforming technique) Finishing set Quick 2 (110 877) or scissors. The spacer foil is taken off only after thermoforming and finishing.


Plastification: (for machines without heating time control) Place the foil in the device in such a way so that the spacer/insulating foil is pointing towards the model. Heat until foil sags slightly, then thermoform.

Erkoflex-Bleach, th. 1.0mm (20 pieces)

Erkoflex-Bleach, th. 1.0mm (20 pieces)

Bleaching trays, fluoride trays, medication trays.  Colour: transparent. Material Charac..


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