• Erkoloc-Pro Pink, th. 4.0mm (10 pieces)

Erkoloc-pro pink is a double layered foil with a coloured soft layer. The soft layer gives comfort when wearing and the translucent pink colour reduces discolouration. Can be used to make a distinction between the upper and lower jaws of the Silensor-sl.

Colour: translucent pink. Material Characteristics: Double layer plate, hard/soft. The thickness of the soft layer is always 1 mm. Very tough, hard material. Hard layer adjustable by addition using acrylics (RESILIT-S, 817501). Attention: The soft layer does not bond to ERKOFLEX. Chemical characteristics: PETG, hard side (1,2,3+4mm): copolyester. TPU, soft side (1mm): polyurethane. PE, insulating foil: polyethylen. Harmless to health, BgVV (Federal Health Office) listed thermoplasts with tested biocompatibility. Insouble in water, inactive, harmless to ground water. 

Erkoloc-Pro Pink, th. 4.0mm (10 pieces)

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