About Us


Dr Erich Kopp, dentist and inventor, founded Erkodent in 1963.

That tradition is successfully continued by the actual chairman and dentist Hans-Peter Kopp.

His practical work as a Dentist directly impacts the product development at Erkodent.


Erkodent in Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

Distribution of Erkodent products, services and training throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia is via Erkodent Australia Pty Ltd and Erkodent Indonesia (PT. Menjaga Gigi Indonesia) and Australia. It is through this structure we maintain the high standards and integrity that Erkodent stands for.

Erkodent the Company

Erkodent supplies dental products for both Dentists and Dental Laboratories.

A major focus is to all aspects of dental thermoforming technique with a particular emphasis given to the rapid and easy creation of the final thermoformed appliances.

Furthermore Erkodent’s research and development activities have led to a significant enlargement of the scope of thermoforming technique – Equipment, Materials, Accessories and Techniques.

Successful results of this ongoing engagement are for example: the Playsafe mouthguard, the Silensor snoreguard, the Jawels system, USIG technique and the successful Erkoloc-pro materials.

Erkodent is also active in the fields of wax and silicone production, both produced in house with the same strict quality standards and spirit of innovation.

Erkodent maintains strict quality policies and have been certified for compliance to ISO 9001 since 1996 and since 2007 certified in accordance to ISO 13485. These certifications form the baseline of Erkodent quality.