New product: Oxydens

A simple to use cleaning set for dental appliances especially designed for appliances made from Erkodent materials - the Oxydens Clean-set, 280030.

The Oxydens Clean-set consists of 1 x Oxydens Clean-box, 1 x Oxydens Clean-cup and 32 x Oxydens tabs for the hygienic cleaning and storage of splints, Playsafe sports mouthguards, Silensor-sl snoreguards, orthodontic appliances, retainers and other prostheses.

Oxydens tabs remove plaque and mineral accumulations as well as counteracting the creation of bacteria and odours so that the appliance remains fresh and clean. In addition, it helps prevent the appliance from discolorations.

Compared to existing cleaning tablets, cleaning with Oxydens-Clean-box and Clean-cup is more effective due to:

  1. In the Clean-box the appliance is exposed directly to the cleaning tablet and cannot float to the surface which assures that the entire appliance is exposed to the solution.
  2. The appliance is rinsed under flowing water and without touching with the hands. This avoids re-contamination.
  3. The Clean-box serves afterwards for storing the appliance until next use. In the Clean-box the appliance remain clean and offers a reduced risk of bacterial propagation.