Product Revision - Quick 3 Finishing Set

As a revision of the Finishing Set 2 the new Finishing Set 3 replaces the previous Lisko S and B discs with Lisko sil discs in the 3 available formats. Lisko sil discs give a far greater service life and the ability to reduce and fine polish with same instrument depending on the pressure applied. The different sizes increase the versatility to address narrow areas and internal surfacesFinishing set with 6 different instruments for the finishing of all thermoforming materials


1 x Clean Cut Fissure bur for separating thicker materials (>1.0mm)

2 x HSS Twist Drills for thinner materials and precise contouring

1 x Conical Tungsten Carbide bur grinding and shaping

1 x Lisko sil-l for grinding and fine prepolishing of larger areas

1 x Lisko sil-m for grinding and fine prepolishing of narrow areas

1 x Lisko sil-s for treatment of premature contacts and the inside areas of splints

All items are also available separately

Product Code: 110830